toxicity concern toxicity concern
Question, I am wondering what 'ingredients' go into making jacquard paints. I know on the bottle it says non toxic, but I am looking for more information about this. Can anyone shed some light here?

Most paints are made from coal tar, which is considered a GROUP 1 Carcinogen, which means the highest group of cancer causing substances. However, a product would have to contain more than 5% of crude coal tar to fall into that category.

Anyone have info on this?

Thank you very much
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
If the product states nointoxic on the lable then it meets the MSDS rating in order to do that. As we have such a wide variety of products the ingredients vary greatly in each paint. If you would like MSDS sheets please call our customer service department on 1800 442 0455 for those and we will be glad to send them out to you. Please state which product you are intereseted in.
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