Instead of water, is it better to use the Neopaque flowable extender, or the airbrush clear extender for a more transparent dye na flow?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

This is a great question.  Personally, I want a dye na flow extender.  I think it would be great for just this reason. 

Now practically, the airbrush extender and the neopaque extender both are different binders than the dye na flow.  Dye na flow actually has the same binder as the textile color.  That is why they are the 2 softest paints we sell.

So, I would recommend using the #100 textile extender.  It is going to be thicker than the dye na flow, so I would dilute with that first, and then add water until you get the right consistency.  I think adding the dye na flow will water down teh extender enough that it will be not significantly thicken it, but if you want max bleeding you might need to add water.  A little water added is not going to hurt as long as you are adding that extender too.  
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