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I've wasted about 40 shirts trying to get a crumple tiedye to look the way I wanted. Most of them would turn out too blotchy. It was as if I had just squirted the dye on to random spots in the shirt. What I wanted was those sharp streaking lines that run between the dyed areas. I finally found a way to make it work right, and thought I'd post the method along with the results.

I soaked my shirt in soda ash. I laid it out on a table, and made the crumple pattern, the same way you see them do it in all the directions. I would spread my fingertips about 2 inches away from each other, and pull it together. Since you're using a wet fabric, you don't want to squeeze it too tight... just tight enough to keep its form. Then I loosely put a few rubber bands around it. You're not trying to squeeze it with the rubber bands; you just want it to stay in shape.

I took the Procion MX dye powder and sprinkled it on top.

Then I put some VERY HOT soda ash water in a bottle, and squirted it over the shirt, letting the excess water and dye run straight down into a sink. This is key--don't put the shirt in a tub where it can soak up all that dye. That will ruin the crinkles. I usually hold it while I'm squirting, but I've also set it on a cookie cooler rack. The water needs to drain out.

I might either let it sit for ten minutes, on the cookie rack, or give it a slight squeeze. Then bag it and wait 24 hours before rinsing.

Presto. Here's my result:

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
That's interesting. This is very similar to ice-dyeing in terms of procedure because you started with powdered dye. It gave a very similar look.
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ooohlaa ooohlaa
a very nice result, and a good new technique I haven't seen before, I guess because you invented it because I have watched soooo many you tubies!
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