brittney brittney
im trying to dye a nylon sumo suit (the kind that blow up with a fan for going as violet from willy wonka when she turns into a blueberry) and i cant seen to get the right color. The suit started out beige, and i tried to dye it blue with idye poly, however it came out more of a greyish purple. Any suggestions on a color that will mix with to make blue...or is that even possible? ive never done this before..any help would be lovely! thanks!
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pburch pburch
I prefer [URL=][U]acid dyes[/U][/URL] to [URL=][U]disperse dyes[/U][/URL], for nylon. Acid dyes are more wash-resistant on nylon than disperse dyes are, and they are much easier to use, because the water does not have to be boiling, though it must be very hot. Acid dyes are also available in a wider range of colors.

You will need to add a mild acid such as vinegar during the dyeing process. Follow a good [U][URL=]recipe[/URL][/U] for the acid dye you choose.

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