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I just bought 2 packets of the iDye Poly in Violet and was ready to get home and immediately dye it. Until I realized there are only stove top directions and this blanket is way too large to fit in the pot. I just dyed a nylon bathing suit in the stove using another product and it came out perfect, and now Im hooked! I know with the iDye natural you can use the washing machine method, but Im unclear now as to what to do with this thing! Also I have read that if not done the right way it can leave a pungent chemical odor?? Is there no way to dye this blanket??
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Hi there,

Unfortunately, dyeing polyester really does require the higher temperatures of the stove-top method. If the blanket is 100% polyester or nylon your results will be disappointing if dyed in the washing machine.
Not being sure how big your blanket is, I'm not sure if this will be helpful, but I've found second hand stores are a good place to find old canning pots - these are usually about 5 gallon pots, quite large, and I've used them for bigger pieces...perhaps one would be large enough for your blanket?
Wish I had better news for you...

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