I'm using procion dyes to hand paint embroidery thread using the instructions for tie dyeing. I'm trying to not use single use items such as plastic wrap in the process. Is it important to wrap the fabric/thread while it cures, or can I just leave them lying in a tray that I can wash and use again? 

It isn't warm here (Australia) at the moment and I doubt they'll dry in 24 hours, Would it be ok if they did dry out?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Yes I am glad that more people are moving in this direction.  A few tips.

I use and resuse plastic bags.  So if I get them from a store or whatever, I wash them out and I have a stack of thicker ones I have accumulated.  If you do this regularly, you might consider using old plastic ware that will keep the tie dye wet.  Old plastic containers or even a bucket with a lid helps.  

Why does it matter if the tie dye dries out?  Well, it actually stops the chemical reaction and fixing of the dye once it has dried out.  I have tested this and you only get about half the color that you do when the shirt dries out.  Even having them on the ground and putting a tarp over them to prevent evaporation is better than leaving them open.  Even put a lid or something over it, anything to keep it wet.  

One more thing for the eco-conscious out there.  We are selling re-usable zip ties that can get tighter folds without using rubber bands that break and often have to be cut.  You can use these for basically forever and they can cinch really tightly.   
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Lightsubscriber Lightsubscriber
For Crumble tie dye, I use cheap food storage containers. When I want to avoid color mixing, I use under the bed storage boxes, with wire shelf racks cut to fit. 
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