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Hi all, I am an active user on other forum sites and there are a few things here that I can't seem to "customize". One being my time clock. It is off by four hours. All of the other forums I am a part of that is a setting each user sets so that when they log on they see what time zone they are in.
And another thing I can't seem to find, is how to enable email subscriptions when I post to a thread. Normally once you set up that setting you will be subscribed to each thread you comment on or post to....Is there something I am just not seeing to adjust these settings?
Thanks for your time! :)
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MarsFeeney MarsFeeney
Hi Keri,

Glad you asked!

Both options are available. For those not so familiar with forums I'll list all the steps to make these changes:

- once logged in click the "User CP" link that will be at the top left of every page. "User CP" stands for "User Control Panel". The User Control Panel is where you can customize the way the forums work for you.

- down the left side of the CP are links to groups of settings. Both the time settings and the subscription settings are in the "Edit Options" group so click that link.

- not far down the resulting options page is the "Default Thread Subscription Mode". If you'd like to automatically be subscribed to all threads that you create or reply use this drop down menu to indicate how you'd like to be notified when anyone posts to one of those threads.

- farther down the same page of options are the "Date and Time Settings" where you can set your time zone, Daylight Savings mode, and which day to start the week.

Hope this helps.

Mars/Jacquard Products
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sereikastamper sereikastamper
Wonderful Mars! Thank you so much! I have looked and looked lol! It was staring me in the face the entire time! DOH!
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