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I'm new here, and fairly new to dying with acid dyes, but I know they are the best for nylon material. I want to create a light neutral gray color (starting with white ripstop), however this first attempt left me with very blue material :( I first used the Silver Gray color, but only half the amount because I always like to dye incrementally. However, this left me with a light blue material, so I pulled out my jet black to try a very dilute dye bath, but it just turned it to a worse blue!! Looking around this site made me realize that the jet black color is probably too blue toned to be of any use, but I thought the silver gray would work! I'm dying 7 yards of the ripstop in my washer and following all the proper instructions. If anyone can speak to dye discharging, that'd also be great, as I'm trying to salvage the $$ I sunk into this fabric all ready by getting the dye out and redyeing (much cheaper than redyeing!) If I do have to start over though, does anyone have suggestions as to how to get a not-blue light gray color on a nylon material??
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monte monte
Hello, thank you for your interest in our acid dyes! I would certainly strip the fabric using jacquard color remover or our idye color remover prior to dying again. Then, try redying using the same dye, but using the stove top method. Temperature and pH are very important. So, try to keep your temp up around 180 F and be sure to use enough vinigar to drop the pH to the 4 range. Also, the jar of Dye should have a batch number near the bar code. If you can supply us with that number, we're happy to check the batch to insure that it wasn't a recalled product. Although, I don't believe this color has ever had a recall. but it's always good to check.
Good luck and best regards,
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