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I'm trying to print red on 100% cotton black T-shirts with a white under-base beneath. My questions are:

1) Will the fixer work on the red since it will be on top of the white instead of the fabric? Will it still require 5 days before I can wash it?
2) If I iron it afterward, will it fasten the setting process?

Thank you!
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Hi HL,

The fixer will work, however, the more important point is that you will want to print the red over the white while the white is still very slightly tacky. This is due to the hydrophobic nature of the Versatex once it has dried which prevents or lessens the ability of a wet ink to bond to a dry ink.
I would definitely recommend the full cure time prior to washing it, but ironing it after a 12-24 hour dry time will certainly increase the setting process.

hope this helps
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