ladybug ladybug
Hi there, I just discovered Pearl Ex and colored some beads with it. I loved the look! Recently I made some new beads with my polymer clay but forgot to brush on the Pearl Ex before I baked the clay. Would I be able to paint these beads now, and then would I re-bake them at 275 degrees for 45 minutes??
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villedajerri villedajerri
Just like pulling Pastels you can pull PE as well add Versatile over a dark piece of card stock and then brush PE over it ink up your stamp with versatile and stamp onto PE background the stamp will lift up some of that PE .
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Retroqueen Retroqueen
Hi there.
In my experience you can use a couple of options for painting over baked polymer clay.
You can mix a little Pearlex into Pearlex varnish and then varnish your beads with it or you can use the Lumiere paints to paint over your baked clay.
Just let them dry there is no need to rebake, but I sometimes like to put them in the oven at a low temp for 10 minutes just to set the Lumiere.
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jsiegel jsiegel
Hi! It has been a while since I logged on and want to share what I have done recently. Similar to Retroqueen, I mixed the PearlEx with Future and painted it on. Also, after baking the item with Pearl-Ex in the indented stamped areas, I sprayed it with Future I now keep in a small spray bottle.
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