I have had great success using the Jacquard marbling colors and was wondering if anyone out there has experimented with using the Textile paints or Neopaque paints for marbling. I purchased the Textile paints and have had some trouble hitting the sweet spot between consistency, spread-ability and pigmentation. I can get the colors to spread very well (on methocel size) but the pigmentation on the fabric I am printing on is less than desirable. It comes out very faint and I am wondering if I should maybe using the Neopaque paints as the product description describes them as having good pigmentation. I am hoping to achieve a vibrant print on the fabric. If anyone has any experience or knowledge they are willing to share on the subject would be greatly appreciated! Going to continue tinkering in the meantime...


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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Lessening the spread will give you more concentrated colors.  Using a little less water to dilute can also help.  Also, simply adding more paint to your design.

Color density is partially determined by how much paint you add.  You have a fixed amount of space because you are working in a tray. That means that the more paint you add to your design, the darker it will be.  

The other thing you could try, which i think would be quite clever, would be using similar colors of dye na flow to dilute your textile colors instead of water.  That way, you would be thinning them with highly pigmented paint.  The formulas of the 2 are very similar, so you don't have to worry about interactions.  
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Neopaque works, but there is a "pastel" quality due to added white and opacity.  Keep in mind that opaque paints by their nature are duller than transparent colors that allow light to pass through them making them "glow" more .  Opaque colors are flat in comparison.  
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