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I have tried versatex inks and while they have worked fine for me I had a problem with them blending into the shirt, especially white ink on black shirts where you can see the lining of the shirt where the ink is. I am wondering if something can be done to fix that or if there is another product that would not blend into the shirt but would create a layer on top of the surface and is not so transparent, similar to traditional screen printing.

I read that jacquard screen printing inks have a stiffer hand. Does that mean that they are not transparent or are they just thicker inks?

Thank you for any help you can offer.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan

Are you using 346 Super Opaque White? If not i recommend that you print on black fabric with that.

The reference to the hand relates to the feel of the fabric after printing. The greater th hand the stiffer the fabric. The professional ink has a slightly stiffer hand than Versatex due to the multi purpose usage of that product.

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retrowear retrowear
Thank you Celia for your reply. Yes I tried the 346 super opaque white and it's pretty transparent in that you see the fabric through the ink. I am wondering if the jacquard inks are as transparent or do they cover the shirt more instead of blending into it?

Thanks again.
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[Deleted User] [Deleted User]
Hi Retro'

Your question inspired a quick experiment here at Jacquard. We screened both the [url=""]346 Versatex S.O White[/url] and the [url=""]119 Jacquard Screen Ink S.O. White [/url]over black Noil and the results were: (drum roll!) The 119 does indeed give more opaque coverage compared to the 346. Interestingly, they appear to have about the same hand. I talked to our production manager about that and he tells me that while both have the same amount of white pigment by weight the Versatex does penetrate the fabric more than the Jacquard Screen Ink so then the underlying fabric will be more visible but with the greater amont of solids (compared to the rest of the colors) the hand will be roughly equal.
I think it will be worth your while to check out the [url=""]Jacquar Screen Ink #119 [/url]- the coverage was (in our ever so technical jargon) 'alot' more.
Hope this helps.
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