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I've just bought in the last month 5 pots of Ne-opaque fabric paints.....
I usually use acrylic paint.....

I love Ne-opaque!!!

I wanted some products that were well superior to the projects I had in mind.... My hand painted hand bags.

I have been recommended via Wetcanvas.com and a forum member there that Jacquard fabric paints were ideal for what I was going to do.

I was skeptical because all I new about fabric paints was the tube and ball point pen nib. (hobby tex- from the 70's - 80's?)

But when I found out I could use these with a brush and they were similar to acrylics I jumped in and bought 5 colours, Blue, green, white, red and yellow.

I love them. And when using them you don't have a horrible smell.
and I can clean up in water... (love that - less chemicals)

I plan to use these painting pictures on unprimed canvas and making them into handbags to sell them.

Thank you Jacquard.

so far I have tried it out on a patch of unprimed canvas about double the size of my iPod nano as I am making a iPod pouch first. ;)
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