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I am new to dyeing and have a white wool blend (60% wool, 25% polyester, 15% viscose) pea coat that I'd like to dye red. My kitchen is extremely white and not very big. I also don't have a very big pot to use. Would I be successful in dyeing the coat in a laundry sink down stairs with hot water? Thank you in advance for any input or suggestions! Totally new to this!
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Hi E,

Dyeing wool and/or polyester both require very hot water (boiling for polyester). If you choose to disregard the polyester portion of the fiber blend and just went after the wool and viscose you'd still need to use either Acid Dye or acidify Procion MX which would strike the wool and then dye the viscose with Procion Mx with soda ash.
Dyeing the wool does require quite hot temperature - 180 to 185F so you would want a pot that could be heated on a stove. See the instructions for dyeing protein fibers here:
Dyeing the viscose portion is quite simple and can be done in a tub with warm tap water. (see the instructions for dyeing cellulose fibers in the above instructions)
Because this would be a bit of a process I'm happy to discuss this with you over the phone.
You can reach me at 800 442 0455 ext 111 (we will be closed Thurs. & Fri., Nov 20 &21)

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