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Our T-shirts came out Very Cool after indigo dye. Just I need more advice how to wash them. It looks like color is washing out and white be omes blue. What are We doing wrong? Thanks in advance.
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

That stinks. Indigo isn't super wash fast, so if you want a really dark indigo, you should dip the cloth multiple time. Dip get green, allow it to turn blue and dip again. 3-5 times and it gets very dark. once and it is more like those light blue soft farmer jeans. Indigo doesn't get darker the longer you leave it in the bath, it gets darker the more times you dip

As for the white, that is not right. The best thing to do is hand rinse very well before you wash. The other thing you can do is wash with regular detergent, but add a 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Synthrapol, baby shampoo, or Solar Fast wash are really great too.

The thing is this is called "backstaining" that is a term in dye washing where you are washing out the dye and it stains the areas you want to stay white. We have 2 detergents for this Synthrapol and Solar Fast wash. These are more effective than normal detergent because dyes are slippery like water, instead of oily and greasy which regular detergents are made to get out. Baby Shampoo and dish detergent especially dawn are the 2 closest things you might have around the house. Synthrapol and Solar Fast Wash are even more effective and great at preventing backstaining.

Anyone who does a lot of dyeing should have synthrapol.
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