So I dyed a dress with idye poly and it looked amazing. I have a wedding tomorrow, and I took it to the dry cleaner. I don't know what the @#$%& they have done, but now it's full of wrinkles and the woman claims that she cannot iron it in any way...

I know that it's possible to take out all the wrinkles from polyester by washing it at 95-105 degrees. Will it affect the color? Will it lose it??

Thank you!!

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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Oh no I am so sorry for the trouble.  This is too late to help you with your issue.   

The answer is that you should wash poly on cold to prevent any dye loss, but if you wash it all by itself, you should be able to keep 95% of the color on there.  The real risk is if you wash it hot with other polyester items.  As the temp gets hotter, some of the dye can escape the garment and dye other poly or nylon items.  Washing hot to get out wrinkles is totally fine as long as it is by itself.  
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