Debra Debra
I'm just starting out and I'm a little confused about how to use and set this resist. I got the green label silk dyes and intend to set with dye set concentrate. I'm experimenting and had no trouble applying the resist and I ended up with a thin shiny "puff paint-look" line. Instructions indicate to heat set with an iron. What setting on the iron? Do I use steam? Should I cover the fabric with newsprint or a cotton towel? How long do I apply the heat? Wouldn't high heat damage the fabric (Habotai silk 8 mm)? Also, do I heat set the resist before I paint with the dyes or after painting and before using the dye set? Does it matter? I've looked and looked and I can't find any information beyond "heat set with an iron". Thanks in advance - I'm excited to get started on my first project!
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