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Our art department has just got lots of Jacquard clear waterbased resist. Some students want to have silver or black lines instead of the clear. We can't afford to buy the silver or black. So ... is it possible to add something to the gutta without compromising it's resist quality? Maybe silver acrylic? Would acrylic paint work over the resist when the work is complete? Any suggestions?
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The [url=""]Waterbased Resist[/url] can be colored with any dye. You can add the dye to the resist without fear of compromising viability. With powdered dyes (the prefered method) you can mix the dye with just enough water to paste it and then add that to the resist. If you are working with liquid dyes you'll want to add as little as possible (probably no more than 10%) which may result in less color than you are after in your line.
This creates a dye line which will remain after you've washed out the resist and adds no hand to the fabric.
Using an acrylic paint as a substitute for the [url=""]Waterbased Resist[/url] is also an alternative - so long as your paint can be set. The [url=""]Lumiere [/url]and [url=""]Neopaque[/url] paints can work as a resist on fabric - you'd just want to be sure that it was heat set before you immersed the fabric in water. Both of these paints will give a bit of hand to the fabric.
And as always, it is a good idea to do a bit of testing before getting started on your main project.
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