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Hey all,

I'm interested in a dye that I can add into diluted bleach and water that will not fade. I've tried a few classes of dyes, like anthraquinone (Reactive Blue 19) and triarylmethanes, but they all faded pretty quickly.

I also know of a few dyes like Ultramarine Blue that are apparently bleach-stable but are insoluble.

Does anybody know of a dye that is water soluble and stable in bleach?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
First are you using actual bleach or another discharge chemical? bleach is a powerful oxidizer that actually damages the color molecule turning it invisible to the eye(white). It is very generally applicable and very few dyes can hold up to it.

Discharge paste and other color removers are reducing agents(opposite of oxidizer) that also destroy color molecules, but don't damage fibers like bleach does. This method is safer and more selective because some colors are not susceptible to discharge by reduction.

This is a chart that helps to explain which of our procion dyes are susceptible to discharge and which are not.
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