I have got a lot of old procion fibre reactive dye that has stopped working through oxidation, I know that I can still use it as an acid dye with vinigar, but I don't dye with wool, silk or nylon etc. I wonder If it is possible to make oil paints or use as water color paints. Does anyone have any  knowledge  or have experience in using as a pigment for paints or any other uses?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
I think using it as pigment is ok, but really there is a reason most people don't do it and that is because it just doesn't last in the same way.  My favorite thing to do with old reactive dye is to use it with color magnet.  I used to immersion dye a lot with procion mx, and I would have these buckets of weak dye left over that had soda ash in them already so they would only dye super weakly.  I found that they still worked great with color magnet and I could get very weak back grounds, but strong color in the areas I had painted(or screen printed) with color magnet.  If you don't know color magnet it is a great way to get different intensities of dye on a single garment.  


Check out the video.  Everyone was really surprised it still worked with reactive dyes after they were deemed "dead".  I didn't know what I was doing at the time, but the things I have made with them are still kicking 8 years later and look great.  
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