castle01 castle01
So I tried dying a pair of 100% polyester baseball pants with iDye for a super sweet costume. I used the stove top method and followed the directions maticulously. I put the water on high, put in the dye packet, stirred, put the pants in, and let it simmer for 45 minutes while stirring. After letting it cool, I threw them in the wash and they came out white with a slight hue of color. You can't even tell that they were dyed. What did I do wrong?
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pburch pburch
Did you use iDye or iDye Poly? It makes a huge difference! Only iDye Poly will work on polyester. iDye is for natural fibers such as cotton.

Did you use the color intensifier packet that comes in the packet of iDye Poly? It's very helpful, for polyester.

Had the pants been treated to be stain-resistant? You cannot dye anything that has a stain-resistant or water-resistant finish.

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