I have a birthday party this weekend and purchased your 30 person kit.
I had planned to have the girls all create negatives and paint the shirts with the solar fast paint and print the negatives- unfortunately the shirts i bought have 65% polyester- I had purchased in error.
DO you have any idea what happens to the shirts if you attempt using the solar fast? Will it not work at all or just be less bright?
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod

Th isi s a hard question to answer.  Not long ago, I would have said you were in big trouble.  I used it on poly recently and it appeared to work.  You have some cotton content there too.  I think you are gonna end up with slightly lighter colors, but I think that will be the only problem.  

It's tough, there are lots of blends these days and they do no always tell you.  
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