lephil lephil
I am wanting to dye a set of Roman Blinds from blue to black. I don't know exactly what the fabric is made of, except that it is thermal backed and I would assume some sort of polyester or nylon maybe blended. I cant put them in the washing machine or a tub as they are attached to a wooden bar at the top.
Could I sponge on a dye? is iDye Poly going to work without being heated?
I do have some spare sample pieces of the fabric from when they were made, but don't want to open a packet of dye unless I am heading in the right direction.
They aren't going to be washed so permanent setting may not be a huge problem
Any suggestions welcomed
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pburch pburch
You will not be able to use dye to re-color those blinds—polyester needs extensive boiling to dye—so, instead, you should use a fabric paint, one that works on synthetic fibers.

Take a look at Jacquard's Dye-Na-Flow. Buy a small bottle, and do a test in a spot that won't show. Remember, you can use a transparent paint only to go darker, never lighter, in color.

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