obreal obreal
I have inherited a large amount of the Versatex inks (for fabric and paper, they say on the side), but I've tried a lot of different papers, and I'm getting *significant* curling and bending to the paper.

I'm printing a 5" x 7" field on 8" x 10" cut sheets, and everything up to 100# stock has curled significantly, including:

- Arches 88
- Rives BFK
- Coventry Rag
- Editions Custom
- Cougar Cover

What kind of paper/weight should I be printing on to prevent curling? I have a *lot* of this ink and it would be a shame to not be able to use it.

Thanks! Cheers, -k
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
Versatex is for fabric and is waterbased hense the curling problem. i recomend 140lbs watercolor paper you should get pretty good results with that.
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specialjustin specialjustin
I use inks on 200lb paper and card, it they both buckle/cockle and this can lead to the ink "pooling" in areas and ruining the image. You need to stretch the paper before you use it, and if done properly solves the problem completely. Check this Bob fellow out, he shows some of the methods of stretching the paper.


I just soak the paper for between 10-20 mins depending on the weight. let the excess water drip off then staple it down (3 or 4 on each side) to a old but clean/flat peice of wood, then let it sit by the radiator to dry while i have a nice cup of tea. What i do with the ink often does not warrant the effort, but at least i can't blame the equipment!
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