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I'm looking at setting up a tie dying station late next month at a carnival type event for special needs kids and their families. We're trying to keep the cost low, so I would like to know what would be the cheapest way to obtain the dye? The dye will need to last for a few hours. I think we can probably soak the shirts, or at least some before hand. For those that we can't, could we just have people come and throw their stuff in the bucket to soak, then come back and dye it?
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You can purchase bulk dyes from a couple of different retailers - [url=""]Artist & Craftsman Supply [/url]comes to mind and this will be the most economical way to go for a large group. The basic [url=""]recipe [/url]is: 2 to 4 teaspoons of dye per cup of water. We figure that about 1 ounce of dye powder will dye apx 10 - 15 shirts so you would need about 8 ounces of dye to do 100 - 150 shirts (the range depends on how liberal folks are with the dye, the size of shirt, etc.)
Your idea of presoaking and/or allowing folks to drop off their shirt and come back will work just fine.
Hope this helps.
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