Pam Guitreau Pam Guitreau
I joined and sent a couple of questions a couple of days ago, however, I do not see my questions anywhere. Can you tell me how to start a new thread and also how to comment on another persons note. Do I "Reply" or "Quote"?
Pam G
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MarsFeeney MarsFeeney

There are basically two ways to post to our forums.

One is to create a new topic. When you are viewing the list of topics for any section there will be a "New Topic" button at the top of the list of topics and at the bottom. Clicking either button will create a brand new topic.

The other way is to reply to a topic that has already been started. When viewing the actual content of a topic you can reply with either the "Reply" button or the "Quote" button that are to the right below each post. The difference between them is that "Quote" includes a quoted copy of the message you are replying to in your new post. "Reply" doesn't.

The question you posted was in reply to a topic started by someone else. Here's a link directly to that topic:


You can subscribe to any topic and automatically get an email notification any time a post is made to that topic. The email will have a direct link to the thread. This makes it easy to get to any answers others may post to your questions.

If you don't subscribe to the thread then you must be sure to take note of where you posted so you can find your way back later. It can be easy to forget to do this when your mind is on other things.

Also you can change your settings in your "User Control Panel" so that you will automatically be subscribed to any topic that you create or reply to. To make that change, log in, click "User CP" at the top of the page and then click "Edit Options". Scroll down the resulting page and you will find the "Default Thread Subscription Mode". Set it to notify you either immediatly, daily, or weekly.

Hope this helps,

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