saza saza
Hi, newbie here. My group has a large-ish project up-coming, and we're trying to work out which products to use. The project is to paint several large (2x2 meter square) banners, using the serti resist method, on silk habotai (5 or 8 mme). We have a bit of experience using the Dharma Pigment Dyes, which have the advantage of being dead easy to use, but the disadvantage of the expense of shipping them to New Zealand.

So we're looking at locally-available options, which include Dye-Na-Flo, Jacquard Green label, and Deka Silk paint. We reckon we could build a steamer for the Green label, if it turns out they're the best value. Acid dyes are also available locally, but I've largely been ignoring them, since they seem to involve a lot of faffing about with mixing and heating, which suggests color-matching between batches would be difficult.

What we're mostly trying to work out is how much of each we'd actually need. I haven't found anywhere online that can tell me how much silk you can actually expect to paint with one of those little wee 2oz jars. We're going to need bright primary colors, so I don't think we'd be diluting any of them ?

So, can anyone comment on which product goes farther: the Dye-Na-Flow paint, the Jacquard Green label dye (or the Deka Silk paint, not a Jacquard brand, I know) ? Ballpark ideas like "Well, I did twenty blue scarves with the Green label before I had to get a new bottle of blue" is fine. If anyone can compare them to the Dharma Pigments, that'd be really useful.

Any *other* advice/opinions comparing them -- light and wash fastness, mixing, which has the best black, "gotchas", or whatever -- are also *very* welcome.
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
They both probably cover about the same area. DNF is an acrylic and will have good light fastness if that is an issue and doesn't require steaming. If you need larger sizes they can be purchased in 8oz or bigger. FYI: Deka doesn't exist any more.
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saza saza
Thanks for that. I'd seen some noise in my hunting that Deka had ceased to be, but we've got suppliers over here still claiming they can get it for us. Must still be a warehouse somewhere.

Can you tell me if the Dye-Na-Flo black is actually black ? On the Dharma site, the swatch for black is very definitely a charcoal grey.

Good to hear about the light fastness !
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