Thing Thing
Hi I am starting a project and I want the best quality results and am not bothered which dye or fabric is more economical or less time consuming or if it is light or wash fast etc am just concerned with the initial results and trueness best quality of colour. I know silk with acid dyes give good results in terms of colour but the hotter the temperature the better the colour seems to be the rule and only device I can find that will dye above boiling and go into up to 120c is a autoclave (pressure cooker type device) problem with this is you can not agitate it plus you can't get a lot of fabric in there either.

So question is out of all the different fabric types and dyes which combination of fabric and dye will give best colour, am hoping it's not silk and acid dyes as I can't see a way to dye fabric (something the size of say an A1 sheet of paper)at higher than 100c I wouldn't want to do it at any less if the colours are not going to be as good as they could at a higher temp.

Any help appreciated as I can't move in with my project until I know and I just can't get the colours I want in any pre made fabrics I see in shops
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Hi Thing,

I am sorry I should have mentioned this earlier, i just didn't realize. You are confusing F and C measurements. Acid dyes dye at 180 degrees F which is 82 degrees C. You don't even have to boil acid dyes for the best color.

The acid dyes are the best ones for silk. You would have no trouble agitating these dyes on the stove. I thought you wanted to try to get the dyes especially hot in the autoclave for maximum brightness. I don't know if that is absolutely necessary because acid dyes form ionic bonds with the fabric, so the point where the dye stops absorbing is when the fabric has become neutralized of charge by bonding acid dye. So as soon as all the ionic sites are taken up, the fabric is maxed out and that can happen at 82 degrees C.
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MaryPatterson MaryPatterson
Jacquardmod is right.
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