Hello everyone,
I would like to ask about the experience with neopaque white. It will come to me that it is less flexible than any other.
I paint textile shoes.
It seems to me that this color is more crushing and tearing than green, red and others. Do you have a similar experience?
I do not know, I was mistaken for a badly made line, I have a third piece and it's similar.
White is the key to me, I'm painting pictures on black boots with it, and then I apply colors like yellow, blue ... to be beautifully saturated. But I am afraid of the subsequent cracking when white is not so flexible.
Any of your experiences? Ideas to Increase White Elasticity?
Thanks for all the reactions
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
The white has the biggest pigmnet load of any of the colors. White always does.  That is interesting.  I had not heard this specific complaint.  I woudl suggest 2 things.  

First apply thinner coats. The thinner the coat, the more flexible the paint. 

Second, I would cut the white with the #579 flowable extender.  This will cut the pigment a bit, so you should add the minimum necessary to make it flexible enough to stop any cracking.  The flowable extender will for sure increase the flexibility.  
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Thank you for the tip! I will try it. Neopaque are my favorite colors, I have been working with them for several years 🙂
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