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I have collected my 100% cotton t-shirts of various types. They fit perfect now and any size larger would be too big. Do I have to wash in hot water as part of the dye process. Can't I wash in cold to preserve the perfect size and start from there?
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The primary purpose for washing fabric or clothing prior to dyeing is to remove any sizing or other treatments that the manufacturer may have used on the piece. You should be able to achieve that with cool or warm water. Rinsing after the dyeing is most successful with warm to hot water, but you can simply rinse longer with cool water.
One thing to keep in mind, although[url=""] Procion MX[/url] is classified as a cold water, fibre reactive dye, it does work best at temps from 90 to 105 degrees Farienheight - and while that is warm water it shouldn't be too hot to adversly affect your cotton tees (double check the washing instructions just to be sure!).
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berkeleystudent berkeleystudent I understand the reason for the hot water wash but like the idea that cool/warm water wash will do the same. Thank You for your prompt response. I am ready to begin my project! xox
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