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Last year I purchased the Jacquard Wood and Reed Dyes in red and green, and was pleased with the "Christmassy" colors I obtained when dying basket reed. This year, when I tried to dye more reed for Christmas baskets, the red came out an intense hot pink and the green a deep blue green, almost a turquoise. The jars of dye powder were resealed and kept in a cool, dark, dry area. I've tried both colors several times and the results remain the same. Is there a shelf life on this product?

Also, is there a chart for mixing colors to obtain new ones?
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Celia Buchanan Celia Buchanan
All dye has a shelf life. That life varies depending on the type of dye and storage conditions. However, that being said there may be a problem with your product. Please call customer service to discuss you particular case. 1800 442 0455. They are better suited to ascertain if there is actually a issue with the dyes.
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