Ap10046 Ap10046
Hi all
I have a dark red/maroon/merlot, thick cashmere sweater in a textured weave.
Don't really like the color much and would like to dye it navy blue or black.
Would this be possible please? I don't wear it because of the color.
Also, would there be much shrinkage?

Thank you
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Jacquardmod Jacquardmod
Ok, so there are some things I would suggest. You need to go black because blue after red is not good, unless you remove the color. That is possible, but puts a nice fabric like cashmere in a bad position.

Shrinkage is the big danger here, but there is a way to avoid it. With wool, you do not want to shock the fabric by changing temperatures quickly. So dumping it in really hot water is a bad idea, as is washing immediately with super cold water after the dye bath.

You definitely want to use the acid dyes that are made from wool, luckily this gives us the best black as well. I would also add a pinch of green, just to dull the red down a bit, so you don't get such a red black. It will be a really "warm" black if you don't do that. Just a little green will dampen the red, so it will become a more true black.

So wet the sweater before it goes in the bath. Make sure that the bath is just warm and add your dye and make sure it is 100% dissolved before you add the fabric. Add the fabric when it is just warm~100F. Then you slowly bring the temp up to 160 over the course of an hour. Do not go beyond 180.

When you are finished. You want to let let it cool down while still in the pot or transfer to hot clean water and let it cool naturally. Don't shock it with cold. So other than extra care on the temp and the addition of the green, you can follow these directions.


As a warning, this is a touchy fiber. You should make sure you really want this to be a different color.

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Ap10046 Ap10046
Wow. That sounds quite complicated..but I guess I won't really know without trying..

Thank you for your informative reply.
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