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I really like the flexibility of on the youcan. I've been experimenting with procion mx dye, with urea and water softner added. Colors turn out very light, looked faded. Using the following colors: Lemon Yellow, Turquoise, Magenta and Jet Black. I add 5oz of dye to each youcan, using 4 cans at one time. I spray a dry soda ash socked shirt. I let the shirts sit for 24hrs on a hanger, covered by a trash bag. What can I do to get brighter results? Use More Dye? Spray a wet shirt?
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I would have guessed that keeping the bag over it would be good enough. Sounds like not. I wonder if you should try the microwave method?

Microwaving the dyed item speeds up the fixing step. Everything else you are doing seems right.

The only other thing I could think of would be using less water so the dye is very concentrated.
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