• Lead in the Versatex paint?

    Hi, I am using Versatex screen printing ink for children's t-shirts that I sell. From Feb. 10 the new law require leadfree paint. I am no worried...

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    Started by Bente

  • Novice Ink Question

    I'm very new to screen printing. I have a simple kit and plan to make a few shirts. I have a question about heat setting. My kit came with Versatex...

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    Started by MikeVS

  • Versatex

    I am painting on leather. Can I mix Versatex with Neopaque &/or Jacquard Textile paint and do I have to heat set for water resistance? Thanks.

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    Started by siouxc

  • Fluorescent Blue Formula Change?

    Why did versatex change the color of this? I used to use the FL Blue, the magenta, the yellow and black STARIGHT OUT OF THE CONTAINERS for awesome...

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    Started by HoscoPress

  • best way to set versatex inks

    i am told that a heat press would be the best way to set the inks for the size batches that i am screen-printing. I am seeing a lot of heat presses...

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    Started by Laura June

  • Problem with Versatex ink washing out

    I have not had any problems with the Versatex inks fading or washing out in the past. However, a current batch of pieces (100% cotton flour sack...

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    Started by Laura June

  • how do i thicken it

    i bought some really old jacquard versatex ink, it was perfect, then i ran out so bought more, this must've been new as it was alot runnier. It...

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    Started by acupuncture

  • removing versatex paint from shirt

    I have 2 t-shirts I silk screened, but I got some black versatex on them. I dubbed with warm water, blotted then put Shout on the stain. I haven't...

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    Started by nanpick

  • versatex jacquard ink

    screen printing inkfor fabric and paper (comes in tubs). does anyone else use this? if you quickly turn the tub upside down is it thick enough that...

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    Started by acupuncture

  • how to heat set versatex inks

    what's the best way to heat set versatex inks used for screen printing? I have been heat setting with a regular iron which works but is scorching my...

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    Started by zjcman

  • versatex inks

    hello, I have tried versatex inks and while they have worked fine for me I had a problem with them blending into the shirt, especially white ink on...

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    Started by retrowear

  • Screen printing inks Versatex vs. Jacquard

    I am just wondering what the difference is between Versatex and Jacquard screen printing inks are other than drying times? Do the Jacquard...

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    Started by dfalk

  • blockprinting on paper with Versatex inks

    hello I have attempted to print versatex ink onto a block for printing on paper. However discovered some problems with inking. The ink doesn't...

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    Started by brian47

  • monoprint (monotype) with Versatex Ink?

    I've been experimenting with monoprints on fabric, using regular acrylic paints. Even with retarder, they are drying too quickly. I've encountered...

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    Started by monrea