• Home Made Steamer

    I am steaming shuibori, that I have applied acid dyes to. There is only one layer of fabric. I sprayed with vinager. I would like to set the dye in...

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    Started by Kellyt

  • Primary Color for Acid Dye

    Hi, Would you please tell me which 3 acid dye colors are best to use as the three primary mixing colors? Thanks!

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    Started by Kellyt

  • Mother of Pearl

    Is it possible to use Jacquard Acid dyes to dye mother of pearl? I'd prefer to use these dyes because the Wood n' Reed dyes do not have a hot pink...

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    Started by artjewel

  • Jacquard Acid Dyes

    I'd like some advice - also new to the dye world. Can I dye silk with Jacquard acid dyes?

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    Started by bobbie langdon

  • dyeing tencel

    Today I dyed the Tencel that has been sitting there waiting patiently for months. I used the Jacquard Acid dyes..very concentrated..and steamed it...

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    Started by lynn

  • discharging acid dye from wool felt

    Any hints or suggestions on using your Discharge Paste for discharging acid dye from wool felt? I used your acid dyes to dye the original felt, and...

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    Started by sparkfiberarts

  • dye mixing suggestions

    Other than simple trial and error mixing, I wish to recieve some suggestions on which colors to use ( and proportions of each ) to obtain certain...

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    Started by leigh_johnson