• Struggles

    I cant get this product to work right. I've been playing with it for over an hour and I've mostly just made a big mess. When I try to pump it up...

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    Started by sunnyrain

  • What Nibs fit the YouCAN

    Compatible with practically any common cap. The Montana nibs, are a little to short. The paint gets stuck in the area at the top of the neck,...

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    Started by Lightsubscriber

  • The top black ring

    I keep stripping the black rings but not really it's more like the threads on the can are stipping and sticking to the rings... Is it I'm doing...

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    Started by Teki

  • youcan spary dye (procion mx) direct application

    I really like the flexibility of on the youcan. I've been experimenting with procion mx dye, with urea and water softner added. Colors turn out very...

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    Started by Lightsubscriber