• SPAM attack

    I don't know is you have an area for reporting SPAM but you seem to have a busy little SPAMMER in the Introductions area named...

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    Started by ChasinMendo

  • Concern about SPAM

    Hi, I am new to these forums and am concerned about the spam I see on most of them. Our private email addresses are safe from these guys, right? Is...

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    Started by snowgoose

  • Lost Photo Uploads

    Hello All, A fair number of you have made posts over the past couple of years which included photos of your projects. In our recent move to a new...

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    Started by [Deleted User]

  • How can i attach my sig?

    Hi, could anyone tell me how can i attach my signatrure? Is this option not availiable for newbies? Thanks:)

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    Started by

  • Please can we check super-regularly for spam?

    If you see a title that doesn't "belong" here, don't bother opening/reading it - and regular housecleaning would be a good idea. Some of...

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    Started by deb

  • Where is my post?

    I joined and sent a couple of questions a couple of days ago, however, I do not see my questions anywhere. Can you tell me how to start a new thread...

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    Started by Pam Guitreau

  • Two things...

    Hi all, I am an active user on other forum sites and there are a few things here that I can't seem to "customize". One being my time...

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    Started by sereikastamper

  • symbol for new posts, getting answers, ect.

    Hi There! I just left a post, and I noticed the symbol by the forum section name did not change to show there was a new post. It does however say...

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    Started by Lovelypainteddancer

  • Hellloooooooooooooooo is anyone out there???

    Hi Yup I'm a newbie, I joined today and have been looking for signs of life in this forum.... Having not found any sign of life in a few sections...

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    Started by Tamba1

  • To avoid taking up room......

    How do I delete messages that have been answered, so I don't take up excess room on the message boards??? I tried to "edit" one out but...

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    Started by Lovelypainteddancer

  • I have a problem with my user name....

    I messed up my username for the forum. I wanted And I hit the @ key instead of the numeral 2. how can I unsubscribe to the forum and then re-sign up...

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    Started by Fit 2B Tye Dyed