• White neopaque - flexible

    Hello everyone, I would like to ask about the experience with neopaque white. It will come to me that it is less flexible than any other. I paint...

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    Started by TanaGo

  • Neopaque Paints

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if somebody would have a chart of measures that I can use in order to achieve different colors by mixing the...

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    Started by Ederlezi91

  • Painting shoes

    I painted some shoes made of faux leather/manmade materials with Neopaque paints. They came out really nice but now I'm concerned about setting them....

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    Started by Jope713

  • Very very newbee here

    Hi I've just bought in the last month 5 pots of Ne-opaque fabric paints..... I usually use acrylic paint..... I love Ne-opaque!!! I wanted some...

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    Started by godzoned

  • neopaque white paint on black shoes? WILL IT WORK?!

    i have brand new black, man made leather shoes that i NEED to make white. everyone says its impossible, but the girl at blick said to try you guys. ...

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    Started by tawniethetiger

  • neopaque

    I recently purchased some neopaque paint. I tried using it on a black shirt but it didn't come out as bright as I thought it would. It kinda seeped...

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    Started by grlwithertogold

  • extra neopreme on silk scarf

    Please help. I used a template for a pattern with Neoprene on a silk scarf and some leaked over the edge. how do i remove it? Thanks....it was...

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    Started by MLS

  • Some questions about Neopaque.

    Hello, I am a newbee that needs some information about Neopaque colours. Is Neopaque range of colours utterly matt?. In the case it is not, can...

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    Started by notechis8888

  • neopaque dying nylon

    Is there any quick drying methods you would suggest? I am dying nylon boy cut shorts and Needed to know if there was a way to quick air dry so that I...

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    Started by ladyilaine

  • Canvas Shoes - how to get paint to stay

    I am going to be painting with Neopaque on some white canvas shoes. Since I will not be able to heat set them, is there something I can do to make...

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    Started by wandabepainting

  • Neopaque newbie questions

    Can you please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? I used Neopaque white to stencil a leaf-green 100% cotton T-shirt -- and by the time I got...

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    Started by Elizabeth Dee

  • Neopaque Extender

    Is your company selling the extender? If not, who is? The extender was excellent with a banner we produced. Need a larger size of it, but can't...

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    Started by Bill Harris