• Printing on Leather

    I am interested in printing on leather. Has anyone tried screen printing on leather? What dyes/inks are best for this purpose? How do I make the...

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    Started by mangakooray

  • Metallic ink for thin silk?

    I am looking for the right ink to use for thin silk fabrics. Something not stiff. I can screen print or I can paint on fabric so ink or paint is also...

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    Started by inky

  • Pointe Shoes

    What is the best way to paint pointe shoes white using an air brush kit?

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    Started by adm

  • Metallic ink for thin silk?

    I am looking for the right ink to use for thin silk fabrics. Something not stiff. I can screen print or I can paint on fabric so ink or paint is...

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    Started by inky

  • Which product for large airbrushed areas

    As i am planning to colour/stencil large areas of lycra should i use the dyna flow instead of the airbrush paints to get more value for money?

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    Started by QueenFrog

  • Airbrush on Silk..help

    Tried to use Jacquard dyes with my airbrush on silk, very runny even with the 'no-flow' treatment. Now i am about to try Jacquard Textile color...

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    Started by Jim H.

  • Fabric Screen Printing - Heat Setting

    Hello forum members, Read through posts and online for heat setting recommendations yet although following instructions some of the ink came off...

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    Started by LChP

  • Heat Setting with Iron

    Should dyes (including Dyne-A-Flow and Lumiere) on cotton be set by ironing with a steam setting or dry setting? Thank you. Susan M.

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    Started by susan meisel

  • Lumiere & Pinata Colors - On Jeans/Shoes

    Hi- 1. I have used the Lumiere range for painting jeans- they set a bit hard but its ok . I think these are the best to use on jeans... Im...

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    Started by cavy82

  • Mixed results with Airfix

    Hello, I am working with leather, and can not iron or dry the painted items. My problem is I have mixed results using the Airfix product. It...

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    Started by LeatherWorker

  • heat setting in a dryer

    What paint/dyes can be set in a standard home dryer? Are there other ways besides ironing the will set Dye-na-flow?

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    Started by DJC

  • I need to reblack some faded black jeans..

    I work for MAC Cosmetics in NYC and have to wear all black to work. I have a few pairs of pants that have faded in areas and are thus no longer...

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    Started by bc1004

  • painting a leather couch

    I have a very nice leather couch that is now a very faded light purple. So its either replace it or try to paint it. I really like the idea of a...

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    Started by nobo

  • Mixing colors

    I want to use turquoise and a green for an Ikat stencil. The turquoise you have looks fine but the apple green seems too light for what I want...

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    Started by fabricluver

  • Which product to use for synchro costume painting?

    Hello, I am new to Jacquard products and would like to learn painting on synchro costumes. I read about the dye-na-flow and Jacquard Textile paint....

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    Started by mmlieu


    I am so frustrated. I'm trying to open a shop of block printed children's shirts and not having any good results with inks. I tried speedball block...

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    Started by dandelion

  • My Sherrill's Sorbets dried up

    I haven't used my Sherrill's Sorbets in a while and they are thick and clumpy. How can I thin them out? They are in the half-ounce squeeze bottles....

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    Started by NancyDrew

  • How can I print this scarf

    Hello I have a problem, I have a large amount of wool fabric and I want to print scarf, such as images What is the machine that can help me to...

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    Started by maxman2020

  • Instructions needed

    Hi, Now that I found such a helpful forum I cannot stop asking:) This time I would like to know is there a product to handpaint/stamp/stencil...

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    Started by anamijana

  • Painting on lace

    Hello! I'm new here to this site and have a bit of a creative quandary. I bought some lovely antique lace (Venetian, but unsure of fabric content)...

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    Started by jakrum421

  • How To Soften Hand Painted Silk Fabric

    Hello, So this is my first hand painted silk fabric project. I love how my painted fabric comes out but have no ideas how to make it softer...

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    Started by handpaintnewbie

  • Painting Butterfly Wings for an Ice Skating Team

    I am hoping to paint multiple sets of wings for my daughter's ice skating team. I have over 50 yards of FREE fabric -- so I would like to use it! --...

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    Started by karry1

  • How to get an even coverage when painting fabric

    I am hand painting some designs on fabric using the Jacquard fabric paints, but I cannot seem to get an even coverage. Can you tell me the best way...

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    Started by KJRNZ

  • Heat setting a item I can't iron...

    I am painting a boned corset for a costume. The Lumiere directions say to heat set the paint by ironing the item - but I can't iron a corset! Can I...

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    Started by Makalina

  • keeping light areas clean in washing out?

    I'm printing reactive colours on some knitted cotton and have to use a lot of colour to get it all the way through the bulky fabric. After steaming...

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    Started by minna2012